Free Spins 2022 in the US

Updated: 13 November 2022

Free Spins. If you’ve been to at least 1 online casino in your life, you may have heard the term. It’s one of the most commonly offered casino promotions all over the world, including the USA. In our free spins 2022 guide today, we plan to list the best free spins casinos in the country.

At the same time, we’re going to learn what free spins are, how they work, how you can get them, and why do casinos offer them. It’s going to be a very hands-on experience so pay attention.

Best Free Spins in the US

Before we go any further with our guide, let us point you in the right direction first. In this section, you’ll find the best online casinos in the US that offer free spins bonuses.

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Free Spins Promotions can be very worthwhile

The “spin” in this context is a spin of a slot machine. Even if you’ve never played at casinos before, you must’ve seen slot machines on television or the internet. These games have several reels that spin and randomly stop to generate a payout. Or, not.

In traditional practices, you need to spend real money for each spin. It’s true for both online and land-based casinos. The cost of each spin depends on how many paylines the game has, what coin value you assign, and how many coins you assign per line.

So, in retrospect, free spins are free rounds that you play on the offered slots. One fundamental difference here is that you can’t change the value of each spin. It’s going to be the same as what the casino operator offers.

For example, if you receive 10 free spins as a welcome bonus or a no deposit bonus, it means you’ve received 10 rounds in a game where you don’t have to spend real money. Each of the 10 spins has a particular value, usually in the $0.10 to $0.25 range.

To sum everything up, we can say that free spins are:

  • Free rounds on online slot games
  • Offered on selected slots only
  • Valued at whatever the operator assigns
  • Eligible for winning real money

Claim Casino Free Spins in the US

Before you claim any kind of free spins offer, you first need to decide on an online casino. In the US, the number of online casinos is quite limited. Moreover, you can’t sign up at an operator that isn’t licensed for your state.

To keep things simple for you, we’ve already listed the casinos that offer free spins for you. All you have to do is pick one that’s registered in your state and open an account. You may get the chance to claim free spins during the registration process as well as after your account is ready to go.

Let’s get into the step-by-step guide on how to claim free spins.

  • During registration, some operators let you opt for the welcome bonus. And in a lot of cases, the welcome bonus includes free spins. If the operator of your choice happens to offer it, claim it during registration.

  • If the registration doesn’t give you any free spins, your next best bet is the promotions page. You’ll find all offered promotions on the same page for most of the online casinos.

  • When you click on a free casino spins offer, you’ll see the terms and conditions associated with it. For now, focus on the minimum deposit requirement.

  • Deposit the minimum required amount to become eligible for the promotion. Of course, you can always deposit more.

  • If everything goes well, the free spins should show up in your casino account. Also, you will find the list of applicable games too.

Types of Free Spins Bonuses

In the world of online casinos, free spins can come in lots of disguises. Although very unlikely, you may miss out on an offer because you didn’t realize it had free spins. To eliminate any possibilities of that happening, we’re going to cover the most commonly offered forms of bonus spins at online casinos.

Free Spins with a Welcome Bonus

Free Spins with a Welcome Bonus

An example of free spins infused welcome bonus may look like “100% match on 1st deposit up to $200 and 200 free spins”. This is a bonus where you get bonus money as well as bonus spins. You may also get welcome bonuses that only have free spins. There can be a lot of different combinations.

A lot of the online casinos in circulation today offer free spins as part of their welcome bonus. If you’re not familiar with welcome bonuses, it’s the bonus designed for absolute newcomers at a casino.

Here are the pros and cons of welcome bonus free spins.

A great way to start your journey at a casinoMight be confusing for new players
You get to try the casino without real moneyThe number of spins is usually very limited
You can win real money without spending real money
Wagering applies to the winnings only

No Deposit Free Spins

No Deposit Free Spins

Generally speaking, casino players go crazy for no deposit bonuses. It’s primarily because these bonuses are extremely rare in the entire iGaming industry and not just in the US. Also, you don’t need to deposit anything to get these!

A no deposit free spins offer is when the casino gives you a certain number of free spins without asking for a deposit from you. In most cases, these offers are credited during the registration. Of course, you may get random no deposit free spins promotions as an existing player too.

A fantastic way to start with the gamesThe number of free spins is often extremely limited. In the 5-10 range
You don’t need to deposit anythingThe wagering requirements can be ridiculously high
You can win real money without making any deposits whatsoeverThe winnings are capped at very low amounts

Deposit Free Spins

Deposit Free Spins

You can somewhat think of it as the welcome bonus except it’s not for the new players only. An online casino that offers deposit free spins may offer it as a daily bonus, weekly bonus, or even monthly bonus. It’s open to interpretation.

To claim these spins, you first need to deposit by complying with all the terms. It may include a minimum deposit, a window of time during a day or a week, and the use of any bonus codes. You should find all necessary information in the Terms & Conditions section of the particular promotion.

A rewarding experience for existing playersRequires a deposit first
A good way to test your luck on different gamesIf you miss the deposit window, you’ll have to wait for the next one
You may win more than what you depositThere’s always the chance that you don’t win anything and the deposit is wasted

No Wagering Free Spins

Among all the free spins promotion types, this is the ultimate one. And people go crazy for this one. In fact, the craze for these spins put the craze for free spins no deposit to shame.

But, why exactly?

Because there are no wagering requirements on the winnings! These are free spins no deposit keep what you win promotions. Needless to say, these are extremely rare and you should claim immediately if you come across one.

No wagering necessary!The winnings are usually very low
All real money winnings are yours to keepExtremely hard to come across in the US
You’re essentially getting free cash

Free Slots with Bonus and Free Spins

The games that are eligible for the free spins are a decision only the casino can make. It depends on its overall marketing policy and which games it’s targeting.

But from what we’ve seen, we can list a few games right here that are more likely to come with free spins.


Starburst Free Spins bonus

This all-time player favorite from NetEnt is a popular choice among casino operators for free spins. The simple mechanics and the timeless design of this 5-reel video slot make it a great contender for online casino free spins promotions.

Book of Dead

Book of Dead Slot Free Spins bonus

Another absolute favorite among the players. Book of Dead is an epic creation by Play’n Go and this game has been reigning the free spins paradigm for as long as we can remember. A lot of the casinos you see on our list also offer free spins promotions on this 5-reel video slot. For example, you may get 120 free spins for real money in the game’s free spins round!

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah Slot Free Spins bonus

This game might be known as the king of progressive jackpots but that’s not our focus today. Because the progressive feature is not enabled for free spins. However, online casinos may offer free spins on this classic title from Microgaming to let you taste what a progressive game is all about.

Casinos Offer Free Spins to Attract New Players

A very good question indeed. What do casinos get out of offering free spins to the players? Let’s try to jot down the reasons.

  • Free spins bring in new players
  • They work like a charm in marketing a new online slot
  • Many online casinos have succeeded from free spins campaigns in the past
  • It’s one of the most popular promotional offers among casino players
  • Casinos win real money through wagering requirements
  • They keep the existing players entertained
  • Allows the players to experience an online casino without too much risk

In-Game Free Spins vs Promotional Free Spins

This is a massive area of confusion, especially among new players. In this section, we plan to explain the difference once and for all.

In-Game Free Spins

These are bonus features of a particular slot game. To get these spins, you must land a unique combination of symbols in the game. What you win is yours to keep and the winnings are instantly added to your funds. Once the free spins round ends, you get back to the main game round. This is not a casino promotion in any way.

Promotional Free Spins

These are the spins we’re discussing in this post. These are promotional spins that the casino gives you as a reward. The real money you win is subject to wagering requirements in most cases.

Free Spins Terms and Conditions

Just like all other types of casino promotions, free spins are also subject to an array of terms and conditions. If you actually want to transfer the winnings to your real money account, you must adhere to all of the terms. Otherwise, the winnings will be forfeited.

In this section, we’ll list the most common terms and conditions associated with free spins.

Wagering Requirements

This universal condition applies to pretty much all casino promotions. Wagering requirements are denoted as a multiplier. It indicates how much you have to wager from the bonus account or the real money account before the bonus is converted.

For all promotions except for free spins, the wagering requirements apply to the bonus amount directly. For example, 40x wagering on a $100 bonus means you have to wager $4,000 to convert the bonus into real money.

For free spins, the wagering applies to the winnings. So, instead of looking at what’s the value of the promotion, you have to look at the winnings you generate. For example, if you win $30 from 10 spins, each valued at $0.10, the wagering is applied on the $30 and the $1, which is the value of the promotion.

Maximum Bet

Another common restriction when wagering requirement is active. It basically caps the value of your bets at a certain amount for the time you’re completing the wagering. For example, a $5 max bet means none of your bets can go over $5. If you try to do it, you void the bonus.

In some cases, the maximum bet requirement might change between different promotions, in the same casino. So, if you’ve seen a max bet requirement on the main T&C page, don’t take it for granted.

Maximum Winnings

Needless to say, the maximum winnings from a free spins promotion are capped. It entirely depends on the operator regarding how tall of a ceiling it’s willing to offer. From what we’ve seen, the maximum winnings hover around the $100 range.

Expiry Date

Last but not least, every promotion has an expiry date. So do the wagering requirements. In our experience, free spins expire between 1 to 7 days. And you get anywhere between 7 to 30 days to complete the wagering.

Of course, the expiry dates will change from operator to operator. Some operators are more user-friendly than others. For them, you may get more time to use your bonus spins.

New Player Free Spins vs Existing Player Free Spins

At their core, both types are identical. The free spins a new player can enjoy are technically the same as the ones an existing player may get.

The difference is in the nature of the promotion. In most cases, new players get fairer promotions with easy-to-meet requirements. It’s because the operators want you to feel good when you start with them.

As time goes by, you increase your volume of playing and the awesomeness of the promotions goes down. This is a universal truth. There are plenty of online casinos that don’t even offer any ongoing promotions after players are done with the welcome offer.

But don’t worry. The casinos we’ve listed on this guide all have awesome promotional structures. We’ve designed this list with both new and existing players in mind.

How to Win Money Playing with Free Spins

Obviously enough, you’re trying to get your hands on free spins is because you want some real money winnings in your account. Now, it’s easier said than done. Online casinos and online gambling sites in general have a lot of terms in place that may bar your possibility to win real money.

So, let’s try to share a few pointers that should help you win real money from free spins.

  • Make sure it’s a real money offer. In some cases, casinos offer free spins for fun only. You won’t be able to win real money from them.
  • When evaluating the terms and conditions, pay attention to the wagering requirement. For free spins, it should be on the winnings only. However, some operators may also impose WR on real money deposits. So, if you confuse between them and only wager the free spins winnings, the casino will disqualify you from the promotion.
  • Try to use the free spins as soon as you get them. They usually have a very small window for playing. For offshore operators, different time zones may throw off your calculations for the expiry.
  • Don’t try to withdraw before you complete the wagering. Even if you only try to withdraw from your real money account, the bonuses will be discarded.

Tips on How to Utilize Free Spins to Their Potential

Free spins are one of the most commonly offered promotions at online casinos. So, the tips we’re sharing with you in this section apply not only in the US but across the world. We’ll try to improve your likelihood of winning real money.

Read the T&C

This is the most important tip we or anybody else can give you when it comes to promotions. All casino promotions are subject to terms and you must know them by heart. Otherwise, you’re always at the risk of losing out.

There are 2 primary areas where you’ll find the terms. On the main T&C page of the casino and the T&C section of the specific bonuses. Many players make the mistake of reading the main T&C only. While it’s a general overview of the site, the individual terms may be different.

You should read both.


Don’t jump into the first bonus offer that crosses paths with you. As you can see, there are far more than 1 casino on our recommended list. We’ve done it to make sure that you get the absolute best offer at your disposal.

So, compare between different casino websites and daily free spins offers before you decide on a deposit.

Don’t Try to Outsmart the Casino

Out of the frustration due to all these terms, you may feel the temptation to break a few rules and quickly get to the real money winnings. Take our advice and don’t do it. The online casinos have far more resources than you and it’s nearly impossible to outsmart their algorithm. Stick to the traditional process.

Pay Attention to the Spin Value

Most players don’t bother with the value of the individual spins. As you can’t change it, what’s the point, right?


The value of the spins might be pre-assigned by the operator, but the game mechanics remain the same. So, when a high-value symbol pays out, it pays out proportionate to the bet. When you have higher value spins, you stand the chance to win more.


Do all online casinos in the US offer free spins?

Well, it’s a stretch to claim that all casinos offer them. But we can definitely claim that the majority of online casinos in the US offer free spins.

Should I claim free spins?

Why not? Sure, they’re barred with terms and conditions of different kinds but you still stand a chance to win real money. In our opinion, that’s enough reason to claim free spins. Also, the joy you can get from all the gameplay is a huge bonus.

Do new casinos offer more free spins?

In general practices, yes. But you can’t expect every new online casino to offer humongous numbers of free spins. The difference usually isn’t that severe.

Can I win real money from free spins?

Yes, you can. To know how much, you have to refer to the T&C section of the promotion.

Do I need a bonus code to claim the bonus?

Not always. It depends on how the operator has designed the promotion. Some may require you to use a bonus code while others may automatically credit the spins to your account.

Do all my deposits qualify for free spins?

No. In almost all cases, there is a minimum deposit requirement that you have to meet first. Moreover, some operators exclude particular payment methods from the promotion. It should be listed in the T&C section for that promotion.

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