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Updated: 22 November 2023
About us

Caziwoo. A name you can trust. The fact that you went through the trouble of landing on this page tells us that you’re interested in online gambling. It also tells us that you’ve been on the hunt for reliable data and recommendations in the US.

If we’re doing our jobs correctly, it’s safe to say that your hunt ends right here. Our team of experts at Caziwoo is a bunch of casino enthusiasts. We love the industry so much that we decided to make a career out of it. And we’re always here to support your journeys.

Our Mission

Our mission

Every business starts with a mission, whether it’s online or offline. In recent years, we’ve seen a massive boom in the online gambling industry. As the number of online casinos increased, the number of fake operators increased too. There are numerous reports of new players getting scammed by an online casino they thought was legit.

Especially after online gambling legislation eased in the US, American casino players are at a greater risk of falling for scams. And that’s where we come in.

Our sole mission is to ensure your safety while enhancing your online gambling experience with the best operators.

Here’s a peek at what criteria we follow at Caziwoo.

Casinos that Cater to All Players

While the term “online gambling” or “online casino” sounds simple on paper, choosing the right one is a tiresome task. It’s simply because each player looks at the iGaming industry from a different perspective.

Some players are ready to spend as much as needed because they value entertainment over anything else. Then, some other players want a balance between expense and entertainment.

To cater to these two very different types of audiences, online casinos tailor their features accordingly. That’s why you see concepts like minimum deposit casinos as well as high roller casinos.

When you look at a casino operator, it’s very hard to determine what type of players will benefit the most from it. We, the Caziwoo experts have played through so many online casinos that it’s now intuitive for us. And we’ve decided to use this superpower to help fellow players, as in you!

We find the right casino for you. To be more precise, we list the online casino brands for what they are.

The content format we use is casino reviews. On the Caziwoo main menu, you should see the “Reviews” section. That’s where all the best online casinos in the US are listed and reviewed.

Guides that Help You Decide

The scope of the job doesn’t end at listing different kinds of casinos for different kinds of players. At the end of the day, you’re supposed to decide on what online casino in the US you want to play at. And for that to happen, you need to know the basics of evaluation.

With that in mind, we’ve developed a range of guides for our readers. They include game guides, payment method guides, op-end casino reviews, and lots of other content. The whole idea is to create a 360ᵒ experience for you where you can learn A-Z of online gambling.

Bonuses For the Win

Unless you’re an absolute newcomer in the online casino industry, you know how awesome casino bonuses are. In fact, they’re one of the biggest customer acquisition tools for the operators. As it happens, we’re very fond of these bonuses.

Putting 2 and 2 together, we realized that our readers want bonuses too! And those bonuses must be user-friendly.

On Caziwoo, you’ll find complete guides on no deposit bonuses, free spins, and all other popular forms of casino promotions.

Our Values

We believe the key to success is sticking to a set of values. Of course, they will vary from industry to industry and business to business. For our business model, value is pivotal because of the nature of the iGaming industry.

Here’s what we always keep in mind while reviewing an online casino or providing you with the best bonuses.

The Goal is to Have Fun

We’ve seen many iGaming-related businesses making the activity about money. But if you think about it, gambling is not about money at all! Even thousands of years ago, people used to bet to have fun. And that’s what it’s for.

So, when you’re looking into an online casino, think of how much you can have. As for the bankroll, it should never be more than you’re willing to lose.

Let us put it from a different perspective for you. If you were to take a trip, it would cost you money. And you get the enjoyment and the relaxation of the trip in return. The same concept applies to online gambling. You’re spending money to have fun, not to make more money. Winning is a byproduct.

We strictly keep that in mind when creating our guides and reviewing online casinos. And when you read them, you should be in the same mental space.

Safety Always Comes First

Rookie players make the mistake of going for the most lucrative games and bonus offers. While it is important for the overall experience, you can’t skip on your safety. Here at Caziwoo, your safety is our biggest concern.

The safety of online casinos starts with the license. All of the casino brands you can explore on our platform have licenses. After we ensure the license, we look into other safety features such as responsible gambling, KYC verification, third party audits, and whatnot!

Responsible Gambling

As we stated in the previous section, responsible gambling is an important element of an online casino’s safety. The tools an online casino offers to help players practice responsible gambling is a major criterion for our reviews.

We want you to be able to control your deposits, bets, and sessions. If you want to take time off, self-exclusion features come in handy. On top of everything, an online casino must partner with external organizations to help players in need.

Honesty is the Best Policy

We were taught in school that honesty is always the best policy. We always try to abide by that rule in life and that applies to Caziwoo too. The reviews you read are unbiased opinions from our experts.

If an online casino is good, our experts will say good things about it. Even the best online casinos have flaws and you’ll get to know about them through our reviews too. The bottom line is that you’re only going to get what’s true. But we are also human, and our preferences may rub off on our reviews – that´s why we always encourage all our readers to test the casinos and make up their own minds.

Players Are King

Whatever we do on Caziwoo, it’s for you. We keep this in mind for all our content. One of our goals is to break down complex paradigms into simpler concepts. We surely hope that you can see the reflection in the reviews you read.

Our Team

Our team

Teamwork makes the dream work. Too cliché? Well, we do have a dream team where the members share the same vision. And when everyone is on the same page, creating killer content becomes a lot easier.

One of the things we’re really proud of about Caziwoo is the diversity. We have members proficient in various languages. It lets us help more people around the world to get the best version of the content.

The experts are always busy playing new games or trying out new payment methods. Because we can’t evaluate a service without even trying it first in good conscience. Every slot review or game guide you see on Caziwoo is based on real experience by a real team member.

Contact Us

When in doubt, reach out. We highly recommend our readers to contact us, whether it’s for sharing something informative or submitting a complaint. We are what you want us to be. So, if there’s anything you would like us to improve on, feel free to send an email to [email protected].