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Updated: 01 April 2023
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Online casinos have become a mainstream source of entertainment all over the world. It’s not even a new statement anymore. We have said this before on Caziwoo before. It’s all said and done until you have to pick a casino brand for yourself.

It’s the popularity of the online casinos themselves that has resulted in an abundance of brands. Not only that, but it often becomes hard for the players to find one that resonates well with their needs as well as ensures their safety. That’s where online casino reviews come into play.

In retrospect, there are hundreds of review platforms on the internet as well. The industry has pretty much saturated itself over the last 5-6 years. Amidst all this chaos, we’ve emerged our casino rating to show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s take a very real approach to our online casino reviews.

How Do We Rate Online Casinos?

When it comes to online casino reviews, you must take a systematic approach to evaluate the features and the benefits of the brand. Otherwise, it’s as good as listing some mumbo jumbo on a webpage.

Caziwoo has always been very considerate of its audience’s safety as well as ensuring proper services to them. As a result, we have developed a team of iGaming experts who give casino rating to the existing brands today. In the section, you’ll learn how what criteria they follow to list these brands. Of course, they play at the casinos for real money to test out the aspects first-hand.

Our 13 Top Casino Review Evaluation Criteria at a Glance

In this section, you’re going to read about the criteria we’ve teasing for so long. When you go out in the wild to find the perfect online casino for yourself, make sure you stick to this list as well.

1.License and Regulation – Arguably, the most important criterion in the gaming industry. A license is mandatory for pretty much all gambling jurisdictions around the world. It also plays a vital role in ensuring the players’ safety, as well as regulating the operations of the casino.

You’re more likely to find the licensing information on the footer section of the websites. If not, it’s on the T&C page.

Gaming License

2. Good Reputation Online – Sure, the license ensures the safety of an online casino on paper. But a safe experience may not always translate to a good experience. For this very reason, our experts refer to the casino’s reputation online before adding them to our casino rating list. The impressions of the real users can say countless things you otherwise won’t find in online casino reviews.

3. Customer Service Options and Quality – As these are “online” casinos we’re talking about, there’s always room for technical difficulties. In those cases, you’ll need to contact the casino and let it know about the issue. So, having good customer support channels as well as quality is one of the major criteria for our online casino reviews.  

Customer Support

4. Bonus Offer for New Customers Needless to say, promotions are an exclusive area of enjoyment in the iGaming industry. Thankfully, the operators are extremely competitive when it comes to offering welcome bonuses to the new players. A welcome bonus can be the ultimate hook for you to join an online casino over other brands. The bigger the bonus, the more likely it is that you’ll get hooked.  

Casino Bonuses and Other Offers

5. Promotions and Free Spins – Similar to the welcome bonus, ongoing promotions are a massive attraction of online casinos. “Promotions” can refer to a plethora of things in any given setting. Free spins are a type of promotion. So is the welcome bonus we just discussed in the previous section. Similarly, our team looks for cashback, reload, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. types of promotions during our online casino review.

6. VIP Rewards and Loyalty Clubs – Most reputed online casinos nowadays have VIP or Loyalty programs for the players. This is designed for players who spend the most amount of money in  the shortest possible time. If an online casino offers such a program, you can rest assured that your experience will be better compared to other online casinos. We try to list casinos with a VIP/Loyalty program.

7. Fair Bonus Conditions – Claiming the bonus is the first half of the equation. You also need to comply with the terms and conditions to release the bonus funds into your real money account. For that to happen, you need user-friendly bonus terms such as low wagering requirements, long expiry dates, higher max bet restriction, and so on.

8. Number of Games Offered – At the end of the day, you’re signing up at an online casino to play the games, right? So, the more games you have at your disposal, the better your gambling experience will be. We continually look for the most number of games offered by online casinos as the baseline of our online casino reviews.

9. Playable Casino Software ProvidersThe games we talked about in the previous section are supplied by casino software providers. Technically, the casino brands and the software providers live in harmony to keep the iGaming industry going. The better the software provider portfolio, the more immersive and enjoyable your gaming experience is going to be.

Game Developers

10. Payment Methods AcceptedIf there are no real money payment methods at an online casino that you can use, the rest of the features become meaningless. So, in our online casino reviews, we evaluate the payment methods, limits, and fees very thoroughly to make sure that you’re getting the best possible experience.

Payment Methods

11. Easiness and Speed of Casino Payouts – Payouts or withdrawals, whatever you want to call them, are an essential part of the paradigm. As you’re depositing real money, you’d want to withdraw your real money as well. In most cases, there’s a delay for withdrawal and players also need to comply with some additional terms.

We try to list online casinos that have simple and easy-to-comply-with terms for payouts. Moreover, the faster it is the better.

12. User Experience on Mobile Platform – As of now, we’re living in the era of mobile devices. So, online casinos must comply with the need. Our goal is to find the best mobile casinos for our readers. They can be both web-based and app-based. It’s the experience that matters at the end of the day, and not the channels.

Test the Casino on Mobile

13. Web Design and Game Loading Times – Last but not least, the website design and its optimization plays a vital role in our online casino reviews. An online casino may offer the best games in the world but if the website is not well-optimized, you can’t expect to have a good time. All the casino ratings you find on our list have great optimization across all devices.

Why Testing the Customer Service is Important for Us?

Among all the criteria we’ve listed above, customer support is crucial. Now, you might think, why are we singling out customer support out of all 13 of them? It’s primarily because when you spend enough time in the industry, a single aspect can reveal a lot of information.

When we evaluate the customer support of an online casino, we can determine the overall quality of service of the operator. Because if a brand cannot provide the support we need, it cannot provide a good time.

When evaluating the customer support for our casino reviews, we check the following:

  • Customer Support Options – Options or channels are the first things we look at. Different players are comfortable with different channels of communication. So, the more a casino can provide, the better it is. We primarily look for live chat, telephone, email, social media handles, and the complaint submission form.
  • Opening Hours of the Customer Support – Along with the support channel, the support hours are significant. The best is undoubtedly 24/7 support because online casinos are accessible 24/7 anyways. If the casino doesn’t offer it, the next best thing is tailored hours for the country it operates in.
  • Service Quality of the Support Staff – How knowledgeable the support staff is, will directly influence your final experience with the casino. If we ask a question and the staff can answer it, it’s probably a good online casino. If our query bounces back and forth between the live chat and email teams, that’s usually not a good sign.
  • Waiting and Handling Times – Even if an online casino offers 24/7 support, it doesn’t mean anything if you have to wait for hours to get an answer. For live chat, up to 10 minutes of waiting time is acceptable because there might be a long queue of queries from other players. Anything more than that, we’re reluctant to offer the casino to Caziwoo readers.
  • Customer Support in English – No matter where the casino is licensed or which countries it services, it must have English support. English is the only universally acclaimed language and every country in the world has English-speaking residents. So, if English support is missing, that’s a no-no from us.
  • Live Chat by Human or Chatbot – Many online casino reviews don’t bother about whether the chat agent is a human or a bot. But we do. A bot cannot replace a human agent, no matter how advanced the AI is. We constantly try to ensure the best support for our readers, and human chat agents are the only way to go.
  • Toll-Free Telephone Hotline Options – Telephone support is one of the best customer support features an operator can provide. However, if it’s an international line, the cost of communication can go through the roof in no time. That’s why a telephone line for an online casino should be toll-free.

What Else to Look for When Creating Objective Casino Reviews

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The term “objective” refers to pinpointing the exact pain points for the audience. Here at Caziwoo, all the online casino reviews we do are objective. It means we always list the information you can actually benefit from, rather than listing meaningless things you have no control over.

For example, if we go into the details of how the casino was developed and what technologies it uses in the background, it doesn’t add any value to your experience. Because you have no control over what the casino is doing on their backend.

On the contrary, if we list information like how usable the casino is, how fast the pages load, and whether there are any glitches or not in the system, you can use the information for decision-making.

Further Evaluation Criteria for Objective and Honest Casino Review:

Is the casino a stand-alone brand or part of a group?

This information is listed on the footer section as well as the T&C page of the casino. Now, the experience usually doesn’t deviate much for either. But when a casino brand is part of a group, it means there’s a big team behind the operations who are proficient in what they do. In most cases, it results in a slightly better user experience than stand-alone brands.

Is the reviewed casino listed on the stock exchange?

Only the public companies are listed on the stock exchange. When a casino goes public, it automatically becomes safer in comparison to private companies. Because a public company is liable to the public for any mishaps along the way.

Are there any negative customer reviews or complaints known?

If you visit reputed corporate affiliate websites such as AskGamblers, you’ll find a public forum where complaints against casinos are stored. That’s one of the places we look for negative reviews. If a casino is free from any past disputes or scandals, it gets additional points for our online casino reviews.

What are white label online casinos?

A white-label casino is simply a brand that has different owners and operators. Casino owners usually seek help from white-label companies to roll out the casino faster and more efficiently. Moreover, white-label companies have massive teams proficient in online casino management. One interesting thing is that the bonus structure at online casinos under the same white-label company are often identical.

Are all popular game types and also live games offered?

Yes. The online casino reviews you read on our platform, all offer all kinds of casino games. It includes online slots, RNG table games, and most importantly, live dealer casino games. In addition to these, you can also expect to find top-notch bingo, keno, lotteries, and scratch cards.

Is there an unfair withdrawal limit or other limits?

Sporadically, an online casino limits the maximum withdrawal to such an amount that doesn’t make any sense. If you can’t withdraw the money you win at once, then it doesn’t translate to a good gaming experience. We constantly try to review online casinos with substantial withdrawal limits. The same for other limits such as deposit limits, winning limits, and wagering limits.

How Do I Know if an Online Casino is Legitimate?

Your biggest benefit, in this case, is the license. When an online casino boasts at least 1 license, you can rest assured that it’s a legitimate brand. Because the licensing authorities, regardless of where it is in the world, are either a government organization or part of the government itself.

So, technically, when an online casino gets a license granted, it gets acknowledged by the government itself.

Moreover, you should look for the casino’s user reviews on independent platforms. The online reputation it builds up over many years is a great metric for its legitimacy. However, this tactic doesn’t work very well for new brands.

As for the US, you need to look for state licenses instead of federal licenses because the federal government doesn’t directly regulate the industry. You can look at the software provider portfolio as well because most reputed providers won’t work with shady casino operators.

What to Look Out for When Registering at the Casino?

This might sound redundant at this point but you need to look at the license before anything. If it doesn’t have a license, there’s no point in checking other features because the brand is illegal in your state.

After the license, you have to evaluate the terms and conditions at the casino to make sure that they’re fair and friendly. Check out the game library as well as the software provider portfolio so that you get all the games you want to play.

How to Register at an Online Casino – Step by Step Explanation

The first step of unlocking the potential of online casino adventure for you is signing up. There’s a misconception among people that signing up at online casinos is a hassle because you have to go through multiple verifications. That’s not the case.

In this section, let’s take a look at the step-by-step process of registration.

  • Pick a Casino from our Casino Reviews List 2023 

    The first order of business is choosing an online casino. We know how intimidating of a task it is considering all the research that goes into it. Moreover, if you’re a new player, the things that matter the most might still not be apparent to you. That’s why we’ve taken care of the research for you. Just pick a brand and move on to the next step.

  • Sign Up at the Casino

    The sign-up process at online casinos is exactly the same as signing up at any other online portal. You’ll find a registration form where you need to provide basic information such as your email address, first name, last name, detailed address, phone number, date of birth, zip code, etc.

    The only additional step is verification but you can delay it until you want to withdraw real money. For the verification, you simply need to submit a few documents to prove your identity, age, address, and payments.

  • Add a Payment Method

    Once your casino account is up and running, you’ll need to add a payment method. Otherwise, how do you plan to deposit and withdraw? All brands from our online casino reviews list accept credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfer methods, and even cryptocurrencies. Choose one that you already have access to and is convenient for you to use.

  • Claim a Bonus Offer

    All the brands on our casino rating list offer welcome bonuses for the new players. You need to claim it during the registration process. In some cases, the bonus is directly credited to your account. Read the T&C beforehand to know exactly how to approach this.

  • Start Playing and Winning!

    You’ve successfully taken care of the registration process at online casinos. See, was that difficult at all? Now, all there is left for you to do is find the games you like, play them, and in real money!

Honest Casino Reviews – Our Promise

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We’re going to repeat what we said at the very beginning of this guide. Online casinos are abundant nowadays but the challenge is finding the ones that are actually good. Here at Caziwoo, we work with the only goal of providing you with the best online casino reviews.

We always gather up-to-date information from the casino websites directly. This is a critical part that many platforms don’t adhere to. The iGaming industry is constantly evaluating and it’s crucial to keep things updated as well as transparent.

In case you face any problem with any particular online casino, be sure to list it on our platform. In the end the online reputation we’ve been teasing throughout this guide comes from players like you. By sharing the issues, you effectively become an active part of the community.

If you have found any errors in our judgment in this guide or if you want to add something that will help us create even better online casino reviews in the future, be sure to kindly let us know.

Enough talk. Now, find the best online casino reviews we’ve already done for you.