Best Pay and Play Casinos 2022

Updated: 07 March 2022

Are you looking for instant play casinos? You might know them as pay and play casino sites or quick casinos – technically they mean the same thing. If so you have indeed come to the right place! Caziwoo has all the facts you need and right here you will find out all about the phenomena of fast casino sites, that is, casinos you can play without registering a gaming account. 

Pay and Play casinos have become established alongside traditional online casinos and have already formed their own fan base. We have analyzed and researched the features of these instant play casinos and the experiences offered by this style of site. Undoubtedly, the pay and play casino sites are the best option for those online casino players who like fast action. 

Quick Play in the USA

This is all very exciting and great for many countries, but right now we know that pay and play is not an option for America. Instead we have a selection of sites that are available to play in the USA that are quick to register and offer a good selection of deposit methods to meet your requirements.

We hope that the US casino sites will catch up soon and be able to offer the pay and play options the rest of the world enjoy.

Our rating
  • $1,000 + $25 Freeplay
Our rating
  • $20 No Deposit + $1,000
Our rating
  • 100% up to $1,000

What are fast casinos? 

When we talk about fast casinos, we mean casinos that you may know as pay and play casinos and these sites meet these three criteria: 

  • No game account registration 
  • All money transfers with bank IDs 
  • Withdrawals to bank account in minutes 

A trustworthy pay and play casino offers you all the above. The rest is up to your own preference. Do you enjoy playing from a huge selection of slot machines, or do you rather have fun with the card and dice games? Are you attracted to live casino tables, or are you more interested in betting or online poker? Fast casinos offer you access to all this easily, quickly and effortlessly! 

“The best instant casinos are fast from start to finish. Logging in is easy with bank IDs, online banking is effortless and winnings are withdrawn in minutes! ” 

There are also so-called hybrid casinos on the market that can offer a traditional gaming account as well as bank authentication. Other  casinos , on the other hand, only work with bank IDs to play, but still process withdrawals manually, so the speed is only visible at check-in. 

Why choose these quick casinos? 

We can’t really find anything bad to say about these easy play casino sites, but after researching the matter in depth and considering the different player styles, we concluded that the following factors could affect the gaming experience positively or negatively. 

Pay and play casinos – Pros and Cons 

Fast and secure identification Smaller Bonus Offers 
No need to remember a username and password No free benefits like no deposit rounds 
Only one means of payment Only one means of payment 
No spam to email or phone 
Very simple and fast withdrawal process 
Payouts are made in minutes 

In relation to this table we want to clarify a few things. 

You may be wondering why, for example, the single-payment feature has been included in both the pros and cons. This is definitely a double-barreled thing: one payment instrument is a good thing for many, because then all payment transactions show in the same account and they have a single account to play from. On the other hand, for those who prefer to use a selection of deposit methods depending on their circumstances, only being able to use online banking may be the thing that will ultimately make them redirect to another casino. 

Instant casino bonuses also divide opinion. Pay and play casinos sometimes have smaller bonuses than traditional casinos. Some instant casinos have no bonuses at all. Other players like the simplicity the lack of bonuses provides. It means the gaming experience is not disturbed by having to study the bonus terms and conditions, so playing is nice and simple . Other players, on the other hand, love the big bonuses that add extra time to play, so this reduces the selection of the best pay and play casinos to a much smaller number. 

Our opinion is that online banking authentication and money transactions with bank IDs are a facilitating factor. It’s too easy to forget all the usernames and passwords, and which payment method was used at which casino. We’ve also started to embrace the non-recyclable cash back and other quick player benefits that instant casinos offer. What do you think? 

How you play in a fast casino 

Playing at fast casino sites is really easy and effortless. We grabbed a few screenshots to make it easier to understand how to get started. No matter where you decide to play the principle is always the same in every pay and play casino. Get your bank IDs ready and follow the instructions below. 

How to play at an instant casino – Step 1 Deposit 

Step 1: Determine the size of the deposit 

Look for the “make a deposit” section on the site. Usually this is served first on the front page. Enter the amount you want and click forward. 

How to Play Instant Casino – Step 2 Choose your online bank 

Step 2: Choose your online bank 

The site will direct you to the Trustly brokerage service, where you can select your own bank from the list. Click on the bank icon and move on. 

How to Play at a Fast casino – Step 3 Log in to Trustly with your bank ID 

Step 3: Log in to Trustly online banking with your accounts 

Once you have selected your bank, the login window will open next. Enter your online banking ID here and confirm your login. 

How to play at an instant casino – Step 4 Select an account and confirm the payment 

Step 4: Select your account and confirm your payment 

Select the bank account from which you want to make a deposit and confirm the payment. 

Step 5: The deposit will appear in your game account immediately. You will automatically be returned to the casino and can see your account balance. Now you are ready to play. 

Is it safe to use casino pay and play? 

Pay and play casinos are absolutely safe. All the instant casinos featured on this site are safe and reliable and we would not recommend any to you that were not. You can trust us on that. The security of instant casinos is assessed in the same way as for traditional online casinos. 

  • In the evaluation of the casino, everything starts with a license. A trusted casino is properly licensed and license information is easy to find. A casino with nothing to hide wants to keep the license information easily visible on its website. To be licensed, a casino must meet strict criteria measuring honesty, fair play, and reliability. The licensing authority also monitors the operation of the casino.  
  • SSL encryption is used in online banking, online shopping and most online casinos. It protects the transfer of data over the Internet. A reliable and secure online casino is identified by the SSL logo. If no logo is found, check your browser’s address bar for a lock icon and start with https. (The address of an insecure site only reads http at the beginning.) SSL is a standard that ensures that a user’s login and payment information does not end up in the hands of a third party. 
  • For casinos pay and play security is also increased by not having to create separate usernames for the casino. Bank IDs are extremely secure and are very difficult to misuse by a third party. Once the casino game account is located behind the bank IDs, you do not need to create separate usernames and are therefore less likely to get lost or fall into the wrong hands. 
  • Properly licensed and reliable online casinos also strictly follow the guidelines of responsible gaming. This means that the casino, by its own activities, seeks to prevent harm resulting from gambling by monitoring its players and providing them with various tools to limit their own spending and time spent on site. The most common tool found in almost every casino is the ability to temporarily freeze your gaming account.  

Are Pay and Play Casinos Really Fast? 

Pay and Play Casinos

Instant casinos without registration are so fast that it just might take your breath away! 

You will notice the speed as soon as you start, as you do not have to fill in any personal information forms at all. Gaming starts with bank authentication, which only takes a few seconds. 

The best instant casinos are often also built in such a way that the idea of ​​instant gaming is realized in other ways too. This means that the interface is simple, navigation is clear and the site is well designed. Pay and play casino sites work just as well on a computer as on a mobile browser. 

“The best thing about instant casinos is the payout speed!” 

Because a pay and play casino receives strong credentials for bank identification, it does not need to manually verify the player’s identity. For this reason, withdrawals are not delayed at all but are virtually automatic. All you have to do is specify the amount to be withdrawn and confirm the withdrawal with your bank ID. The money is generally transferred from the casino to the bank account within a few minutes. 

Pay and Play casino withdrawals 

Ordinary online casinos offer several payment methods and the withdrawal time also varies between them. At sites on the pay and play casino list, both deposits and withdrawals are made only via online banking, i.e., using only one payment method. For comparison, when you visit the payments pages of your chosen casino you can see the average withdrawal times will vary for different payment methods. 

Payment methods at fast casino sites 

Trustly has long been in a dominant position as a payment method for these instant casinos, but little by little, competitors are also excited to enter this market. Today, Brite, Euteller and Zimpler can also be used as payment methods for instant casinos. All of these work in the same way reliably, safely and easily. The difference between these is largely in preferences: One thinks that one payment method is smoother or more approachable in appearance, while another chooses another to replace it. 

So far, Trustly is still the most widely used tool, and there is no way for a player to choose from a wide range of casinos based on what payment service is available anywhere, but as competition grows, the situation will certainly change. 

Comparison of the features of different payment intermediation services

As you can see from the comparison above, all four payment intermediation services have largely the same characteristics. Trustly and Zimpler are currently more commonly used in instant casinos, but Euteller and Brite are lagging behind. Until now, Trustly has enjoyed an almost monopoly position in online casinos, so it has largely been able to determine the prices of the services it offers. Expenses have been relatively high, which has contributed to the scarcity of instant casino bonuses, among other things. 

“ The new payment services will bring competition to casino costs, which may be seen as an advantage for players in the future, for example as bonus offers increase.  

How to choose the best quick casinos? 

The best pay’n play casinos take care of their players. We think that is the most important point in choosing the best site to use. You need to feel safe and secure and the gaming experience should always come first. There are several factors that contribute to a super comfortable gaming experience.  

Listed below are the most important points to look for in the best pay and play casinos.  

When choosing the best instant casino, the following points are decisive: 

  • Localization. When the website and customer service operate in their own language, the risk of misunderstandings is very small. A well-implemented localization also shows that the casino considers the players in that market to be an important target group and thus also wants to provide them with the best possible experience.  
  • Authentication and money transfers go through the familiar Trustly or Brite. It is also good to pay attention to which Brokerage Service is used for payments for quick casinos. With a familiar and proven service, you keep your bank account secure. 
  • Game license and tax-free profits. The two go hand in hand, as the casino is always licensed from the country where the casino is physically operated. The physical location of the casino, on the other hand, affects the taxation of profits. Winnings repatriated from casinos operating in the EEA are tax-free for European players. Casino winnings outside the EEA are subject to tax. Duty-free casinos operate under a license from Malta and Estonia, for example. Taxable but otherwise suitable online casinos can be found in Curacao. 

Things to look for when choosing the best pay and play casino: 

  • Game selection. Choose a casino that offers you the games you like. The selection of slots at instant casinos has always been built with players in mind, but you should also consider being able to bet, play online poker or even bingo at the casino you choose. Simply: Play your favorite games fast. 
  • Bonuses. Some like bonuses, others don’t. Our pay and play casino list caters for every preference and there are as many different bonuses as there are players. Do you want to grab a big bonus package, free spins, or do you prefer regular cash returns. Whatever your taste, always check the bonus terms as well. 

New pay and play casinos in 2022 

New Pay and Play Casinos

We can safely say that during 2022, the selection of these new quick casinos will only get even better. The progression of the idea was already strong last year and we got several top names entering the market – and there are no signs of the popularity fading! 

New fast casinos sites have developed well, especially in the field of bonuses, as more and more competitive offers have become available and more are coming online all the time to offer a constant new supply. 

“Today, the best instant casinos are giving new players even bigger deposit bonuses and free spins!  

In addition, we have noticed that in 2022, more and more new pay’n play casinos will be so-called hybrid models, allowing you to choose whether you want to play the traditional way by registering, or quicker with your bank ID. We are looking forward to seeing what all the other innovative features the pay’n play casinos of the future will bring! 

Below you will find all the pay and play casino full list. You can conveniently view the latest instant casinos by their release date and select your favorite. Take a new instant casino for a test and grab the best welcome bonuses! 

Do instant casinos offer bonuses? 

PNP Casino Bonus Offers

In the early days, instant casino bonuses were a rare sight, but tough competition has changed this situation and it is a great benefit to players. Today, instant casinos offer a wide range of player benefits, including free spins, first deposit bonuses, big bonus packages, cash back and VIP benefits. 

Today, the new casino pay and play sites fall into two categories: Some hold on to bonus-free methodology, while others increasingly offer a variety of player benefits. Ultimately, the choice is given to the player. Playing with your own money is clear and simple, of course, but the bonuses give you a bigger boost and ability to continue to play longer. 

Pay and play casino bonuses take many forms. Here are the main types: 

  • Deposit Bonus: The deposit bonus in a quick casino works in exactly the same way as in a traditional casino. The bonus can come automatically, or alternatively it can be activated at the deposit stage via a dialog box or bonus code. The deposit bonus offers a certain bonus margin for your deposit. For example, a 100% bonus doubles the amount you have to play with. 
  • Cashback is a common bonus form at these pay and play casinos. Often, casinos can pay 10% weekly cash back on all their players stakes or losses, for example. The cash refund is most commonly paid for net losses, in which case the refund is calculated as follows: Bets – Profits = net loss x 10%. If you have even lost $100 up front during the week, you will receive a $10 cash back. The cash back can be non-recyclable money or recyclable bonus money. 
  • Free spins are in high demand. Spins are available instead of or as well as a free deposit bonus. Spins are often assigned a specific game, and the value of each spin is usually equal to the minimum bet for the game. The best instant casinos can also offer free spins with winnings being pure cash. However, most spin winnings will also have a redemption condition that must be met before the winnings can be withdrawn. 
  • Daily promotions and featured promotions are no longer a rarity in instant casinos either. In particular, many now offer a wide variety of player benefits that can be redeemed when you play regularly. 

Pay and play casinos on mobile 

We have moved holistically into the mobile age. Almost every individual over the age of 18 has a modern mobile device in their pocket and an always-on internet connection. Banks, agencies, shops and various other services all operate on mobile today. So a mobile casino is the rule today, not the exception. 

Gaming without registering has brought an obvious development to the mobile gaming experience, as you can instantly identify yourself to the casino with your bank ID directly from your smartphone or tablet. Filling out a registration form and documenting a game account isn’t a meaningful thing on a small screen, so quick casinos like this have made mobile gaming much easier. 

Whatever the type of instant casino, there must always be a high-quality and smooth-running mobile version. Nowadays, you can almost always play directly from your browser, so you don’t have to download any separate applications. Pay and play casino sites are nicely optimized for small screens, and the gaming experience on the mobile usually doesn’t lag behind the desktop version. The best instant casinos may even offer a more amazing gaming experience on a mobile device than on a computer. 

The range of games and other casino features are pretty much identical between the mobile and desktop versions of instant casinos, so you can enjoy all your favorite games and optimal services on your mobile as well. 

Why aren’t all casinos fast casinos? 

If instant casinos are such an awesome thing, why don’t all casinos offer pay’n play to their players? There are certainly several reasons for this, but the biggest ones are guaranteed to be these:  

  • The concept of a instant access casino is still a recent phenomenon, and on the other hand, not all players want to play fast.  
  • The software used in some casinos does not bend to the pay’n play feature. 
  • Not all casinos have the option of automatic withdrawals, although Trustly can be found in the means of payment at many sites.  
  • It also costs to change the platform, and customers’ bank identification is not free for the casino. The casino pays for all the services it uses, which affects, among other things, the possibilities of offering bonuses. 

However, many casino players enjoy instant gaming, so there is a clear niche for this style of play. Bank authentication is secure, fast and in many ways effortless nowadays. If a player likes to vary the casino on the fly, this is also easier when all the casinos are behind one strong bank ID. On the other hand, many people also like the ease of withdrawals, because with strong identification, withdrawing is much easier. 

Pay and play casinos in the future 

In just a few years, the popularity of instant casinos has grown exponentially, and now the pay’n play option is already starting to be almost taken for granted. After all, it’s understandable that once a player has tried the free-to-register way of playing, it’s certainly hard to get back to the traditional style of play. So it’s at least relatively certain that these quick casinos will hold their ground in the future! 

In line with today’s trend, new online casinos will be expected to operate quickly without creating a gaming account. The default value is that you will no longer need to register for the casino, but it is easy to work with bank IDs. This mindset will certainly only be further strengthened as time moves on and will lead to the need for older generation casinos to adapt to provide instant play. 

“In the future, casinos will invest even more in the ease of the gaming experience and the speed of money transfers. The slowest in the race are easily left behind. ” 

At the same time, new casinos are having to produce new ways to motivate fresh players, retain existing players, and stand out from the crowd. As competition intensifies at a rapid pace, the fast-paced way of playing itself is no longer enough to be a competitive advantage. Pay and play casinos will have to bring in even better bonuses, promotions, and other new incentives to convince players. In the future, high-speed casinos will also see new payment methods alongside Trustly. Brite and Zimpler have already joined the competition, but a possible mobile certificate and other future payment methods have also caused a stir. 

History of Casino Pay and Play – How It All Began 

The first steps in developing the quick casinos concept were taken as early as 2015, when the Swedish payment service Trustly began developing its instant gaming platform, which would allow players to easily identify themselves to online casinos with their bank IDs. The goal was to eliminate time-consuming intermediate steps, such as filling out registration forms and documenting a game account during the payout phase. 

This ideal was realised in 2016 when the first instant casino in the gaming world, Ninja Casino, opened its doors. Ironically, the new trend did not take off instantly. In reality, instant casinos only began to d favour in 2018. By that time, more of these fast-acting casinos were already appearing on the market, and at the same time their benefits were properly brought to the attention of players. 

The year 2019 was really the turning point for pay and play casinos, with the arrival of better designed and faster gaming sites on the market. In the same year, the frontier of 100 express casinos was broken, so there was already plenty of choice. As competition intensified, casinos began to enhance their offerings and become more attractive. In the early years, bonuses were rare or quite negligible at registration-free online casinos, but in 2019, this was slowly starting to change. Welcome bonuses and other benefits quickly spread, and decent deposit bonuses and big free spins were no longer rare. 

In 2020, instant casinos took over the industry more and more, and with the ever-increasing trend, many older online casinos had to adapt their operations and also switch to pay’n play. At the same time, the bonus offers also developed further. 

“As a new solution, a so-called hybrid model was also offered, which enabled both instant gaming and traditional registration.” 

Choice is important in any field and the hybrid quick casino therefore allows players to choose whether they want to play with bank IDs without registering or to create a gaming account in the traditional way and use other payment methods. In 2022, several new instant casinos will appear on the market using this approach. 

Frequently asked questions about Fast Casinos 

Why are the pay and play casinos so fast?

At a pay and play casino, also know as a fast casino, the speed is based on the fact that you do not need to set up a gaming account at all, nor do you have to verify your identity during the checkout phase. Money in and money out quickly, effortlessly and securely.

Does a quick casino have different games?

There are the same games on offer as on traditional online casinos, but the emphasis may be slightly different. Often, casinos focus mainly on slot games, but more recently, table and live games have become more common, and some pay'n play casinos also offer betting, online poker, and even great international lottery games.

Are pay and play casinos tax free?

Most express casinos are tax free. As with traditional casinos, the tax exemption depends on whether the casino is operated from outside or inside the EEA. Winnings from casinos located in the EEA are also tax-free in other countries in the region.

Can I trust the quick casinos?

Yes. Quick casinos also operate within the framework of licenses and strict gaming regulations. In addition, money transfers made in online banking are as secure as normal transactions in online banking. Online banking authentication is a strong and secure way to log in to an online casino, so your information is safe.

Are pay and play casinos licensed?

Yes. The most common and trusted Gaming License is the MGA License issued by the Maltese Gaming Authority. The benefits of the MGA license also include tax-free profits for Europeans, as casinos operating under this license operate from within the EEA. Other good licenses include Estonian and Curacao game licenses.