Brite Casinos and How the Payment Method Works

Updated: 10 May 2023
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One of the first things that come to mind when playing at an online casino is how you’re going to pay. And if you’re lucky enough to generate some real money winnings, you think about withdrawing them.

In both cases, the star of your thought is the payment methods. Although online casinos have made payments a lot easier in the last two decades, it’s still one of the largest areas of concern for the players.

It’s primarily because regulating online payments is harder and costlier than cash transactions. Also, online payments are prone to hacking attempts and/or technical difficulties.

All things considered, we felt the need to share a few safe payment methods with our readers for their online casino transactions. As part of the process, we’re going to cover Brite today.

Top Casinos with Alternative Payment Methods

Unfortunately, Brite doesn’t operate in the US at the time of writing. So, as much as we would like you to, you can’t play at Brite online casinos. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time with casino games!

Check out our list of online casinos in the US that don’t offer Brite but a lot of modern ways to deposit and withdraw.

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Brite Casinos at a Glance

Brite is one of the latest additions to the list of online bank transfer methods. Interestingly, it’s owned by Brite AB, a Swedish fintech company. It’s interesting because, in the last few years, Sweden has pumped out more than a few world-class Fintech companies.

What is a Brite Casino

So, we were not really shocked when we realized that it’s a Swedish company. It calls itself a second generation Fintech challenger. It roughly means that it challenges the deficiencies of the firsrt generation of fintech services like Trulsty, SOFORT, Qliro, and Klarna.

Brite is so confident in what it does is because the workforce has people from all these first generation companies. The goal Brite is trying to achieve is making modern payment solutions more affordable for the world.

And that includes online casino players. And that’s why our topic today is the Brite casinos around the world. As of now, the method is not nearly as famous as Truslty or Euteller. But from what it’s projecting in terms of features, the day may not be far.

Essentially, a Brite casino is an online operator where you can use Brite to pay for your casino account. It’s as simple as that. You would need a bank account and enough funds in that to start your journey.

If you’re not sure which casinos offer Brite as a payment method around the world, you can go ahead and choose a brand from our list. This is our best casinos Brite list from all over the world that contains the most competitive operators.   

This is How Brite Payments Work in Online Casinos

Brite AB did what any fintech company has done in the past decade. It came out as a bank transfer method that utilizes an account-to-account approach for transactions. If it feels like you’ve heard this impression before, it’s because you have.

It’s because all major online bank transfer methods like Truslty, Zimpler, and Euteller are following the same protocol. Sure, the APIs are different and the offered banks are all different. But at the end of the day, all of them are bank transfer methods.

The reason we’re referring to Brite casino transactions as bank transfers is that you must have a bank account to use this payment method. It’s not an e-wallet that you can sign up for and use as an online bank.

Rather, Brite connects the merchant you’re trying to pay, the online casino in this case, and the source of your funds. As in your bank account.

The question is, why can’t you pay the merchant directly from your bank account?

To understand it, you first have to understand how bank accounts work. On your bank’s user interface, you can only send money to other bank accounts, receive money from other accounts, and maybe top-up a few local e-wallets.

So, if you wanted to send funds directly to the casino, you’d have to know the casino’s bank account number. The casino may not even be in the same country as you! So, how do you think that’ll work?

This is why bank transfers methods like Brite are the future of online payments. They have effectively implemented a cross-border payment mechanism. So, you can pay casinos that are not in your country by simply paying for a conversion charge.    

Get Started with Brite at an Online Casino

Get Started with Brite at an Online Casino

The world of online bank transfers is the same for Brite as it is for all the other methods. The biggest advantage is undoubtedly the no requirement for prior accounts. In fact, you can’t open an account with Brite.

Rather, you need a bank account. When you get into a Brite casino and try to deposit, you’ll first have to select your bank. Then, you can enter the necessary information. It’s surely a drawback for people who don’t have bank accounts. But those who have it, get to use the same channel for all their online payment needs.

How to Deposit with Brite

If you’ve deposited with a bank transfer method before, the process is going to be more or less the same. Let’s get a good view of the step-by-step process of deposit in the casino.   

Select an online casino that accepts Brite as a payment method.

If you’re not sure which brands do that, you can refer to our recommended list.

Navigate to the deposit page.

Some operators may require you to verify the account before you can deposit any real money. Although it’s not the norm, you can do it by yourself because you’ll need to verify for withdrawals anyway.

Select Brite from the offered list.

Enter the amount you want to deposit and click next.

The next page you land should be the Brite payment portal.

This is where you actually need to enter your payment information. A bank account or a credit/debit card associated with an account will work.

Fill out the necessary information and press “Make Payment” or a similar button.

The money should show up in your account immediately.

How to Withdraw with Brite

The withdrawal process is practically the opposite of what you did for the deposit. You’ll follow the same steps. If you haven’t verified your account yet, you must do it before a withdrawal. Otherwise, the Brite casino will deny your request.

Moreover, make sure that all of your wagering requirements are complete. Unless, of course, you don’t care about losing the promotions.

Log into your account.

Navigate to the cashier page. Some high-end operators may also have a dedicated page for withdrawals.

Select Brite from the offered list.

Enter the amount you want to withdraw. It must be in the range of what the operator offers as withdrawal limits. If you go above or below the range, your request will be denied. You’ll find the information on the T&C page, the FAQ section, or the withdrawal policy section.

The casino API will then send you to the Brite portal.

You’ll have to enter your bank information again. This time, it’s for withdrawal. You can select the previous bank account or card. Or, you can add a new account.

If the request goes through successfully, you should receive the funds after all processings are done.

Brite will do it instantly. The bottleneck is usually the casino and your bank.

Fees You May Have to Pay at Online Casino that Accepts Brite

If you’re worried about the fees you may have to pay every time you deposit or withdraw from  Brite casino, throw it out the window. There’s no fee for Brite casino transactions. Not for deposits. Not for withdrawals.

If there’s a deposit or withdrawal fee for a casino operator, it’s more of the operator’s policy rather than Brite’s. This Swedish payment method tries to offer the highest quality of service for the least possible cost. In this case, it’s nothing.

As for limits, Brite doesn’t impose any. The limit of your bank account or the casino account, whichever is lower will take precedence.

Real Money Bonus Offers at Brite Online Casinos

Pretty much all real money casinos now offer promotions. It might be bonuses, tournaments, or VIP programs. The same goes for Brite casino. Because if you think about it, Brite casinos are online casinos at the end of the day. So, every time you come across a promotion in a Brite casino, you can claim it for yourself.

Mobile Apps of Brite Casinos

Excellently. Thanks to Brite not being a software-driven payment method, you get extremely well mobile compatibility. It’s because all Brite uses is a webpage where you input your bank account numbers and PINs.

So, you don’t need to download any apps on your phone or software on your desktop to use Brite. You practically don’t need anything except for a device to run your online casino.

When you’re logged into your casino account from the mobile website or the app, you can follow the steps we’ve discussed in the “How to Deposit” and “How to Withdraw” sections. The process is going to be exactly the same no matter what mobile platform you use.

Safety Aspects of Payments at Brite Casinos

When you try to deposit to an online casino, you want the casino to receive the funds. Similarly, when the casino approves your withdrawal request, you hope with all you have that the money safely reaches your account.

This is where the safety of a payment method comes into play. Once the money leaves your account and before it reaches the casino’s account, it’s Brite’s job to ensure that the money doesn’t go lost. 

The first layer of security is web protection. When you’re redirected to the Brite portal, you’ll notice a padlock symbol somewhere around the address bar of the browser. It indicates that the web address has SSL 128-bit encryption.

Once you’re in the portal, you have to enter your bank credentials including the 2-factor authentication, every time. It’s to ensure that no one else is trying to deposit or withdraw from your account.

Moreover, Brite doesn’t save any of the data your enter. It’s to ensure that any potential hackers don’t get access to your sensitive information. If it’s not stored in the first place, the question of theft is rhetorical.  

Along with technical safety nets, regulation plays a big role in online payment methods. You already know that Brite is a Swedish fintech company. So, it’s supervised by the Swedish Financial Advisory Authority.

It’s also compliant with Swedish Payment Service Act (2010:751). The license that allows Brite to operate all over the world is according to PSD 2007/64/EG.

One thing we really liked about Brite is its compliance with compensation. It clearly states that if any user is affected by an error by Brite, it is required to and will compensate the affected user.

Last but not least, Brite is compliant with the standard data handling, privacy policy, and encryption similar to banks.

The inclusion of all of these security measures shows that your experience with Brite online casinos is going to be a breeze. As long as you don’t share your bank details with any 3rd party, you’re as safe as you can be.

The Game Selection of Brite Online Casinos

Pretty much any game you can think of. Brite is essentially a payment method that takes care of your deposits and withdrawals. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the games. So, you can expect to find the entire game library of an online casino at a Brite casino.

Let’s shed light on the most common game types:

  • Brite Slots Online  
  • Online Table Games
  • Online Live Dealer Games

Brite Customer Support Experiences

In most cases, we don’t think about the customer service features for an online payment method. It’s primarily because we don’t deal with the payment methods directly. As for Brite online casinos, the customer support features for the operator are more important.

However, you can’t completely discard the idea of reaching out to Brite if you have a question or a problem. Especially when it has such a nicely designed website with various customer service channels.

The best thing about the website in our opinion is the FAQ section. It’s a very informative and up-to-date page where you can find pretty much any information you need on Brite.

If you can’t seem to find the answer, you can ask your own question by clicking on the “Get in Touch” button. It’ll take you to the complaint submission form page. Just fill out the form and submit a ticket.

Or, you can simply send an email to [email protected] directly. The support page promises to get back within 1 working day.

Alternatives to Online Casino Who Accept Brite

Brite is definitely one of the best online banking methods of our time. But circumstances may sometimes stop you from using it. Whatever the reason is, we think you should have a few alternative options.

As we always believe more in action than words, why don’t we list a few of the alternatives right here?   

NetellerSkrillTrustlyVisaAmerican ExpressMastercardZimpler
CountryIsle of ManIsle of ManSwedenUSAUSAUSASweden
RegulatorFCAFCASwedish Financial Advisory AuthorityUSCISFederal ReserveThe Durbin AmendmentSwedish Financial Advisory Authority
Deposit TimeInstantInstantInstantInstantInstantInstantInstant
Withdrawal TimeInstantInstantInstant3-5 days3-5 days3-5 daysInstant

Brite: Company Profile

Brite calls itself the second generation FinTech challenger. The biggest advantage it has over the competitors is the workforce. It includes developers from Klarna, Tink, SOFORT, Trustly, and a few more companies. It’s the experience and industry insights that make Brite a great payment method.

It’s a very new method in the market, starting its journey back in 2019. It started with seed funding from A Group of Friends Investments. As of now, the company is growing rapidly and covering more ground.

The number of Brite casinos might be a little limited now but it’s only a matter of time before it blows up.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Casino Real Money Brite

Brite casinos have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. It’s not always ideal to look for positives. Everything in this world that’s considered a good thing has at least 1 flaw. The key is to balance out the scale for the consumers’ well-being.

Brite has done a fantastic job in that regard. Now, let’s take a summarized version of the benefits and drawbacks of Brite online casinos.

A second generation FinTech companyNot available in all EU countries
Has employees from name-brand FinTech companies like Trustly, Klarna, and so onNot nearly as popular as first generation FinTech companies  
Absolutely no fees on deposits or withdrawalsCasino withdrawals may delay due to processing
Partnered up with pretty much all major banksYou must need a bank account to use Brite
Your sensitive information is not stored anywhere
Regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority
An amazing customer support structure

Overall User Experience at Brite Casinos

We, as in our team of experts who evaluate online casino features, have used lots and lots of bank transfer methods from all over the world. Brite has performed identically for the top names in the industry.

It might not look like a compliment but it is. Because in comparison to the top bank transfer methods, Brite is very young. It’s still growing and coming up with new ways to facilitate online payments. Let’s see what the future has in store for us.   

Brite Casinos FAQ

As Brite is a relatively new online payment method in the iGaming industry, can you think of a few questions you might want to ask us? No? Then let us come up with the questions and answer them for you.

How do I know if an online casino offers Brite?

At the time of writing, it might be a little hard to find Brite casinos. It’s primarily because the method is very new and not all casinos have adapted it yet. But you can quickly find one from our list.

Is Brite as trusted as first generation FinTech companies?

Of course. It’s even more trusted in a few aspects. The first and second generations are just means to distinguish between the technology. All of them are very same and trusted payment methods for iGaming.

Can I use Brite in the USA?

Unfortunately, no. Brite is not yet available in the USA. But guessing from the progress the company’s making, the day may not be far.

What are my currency options at Truslty online casinos?

As Brite is an online banking method, the currencies will depend on the partner banks. In other words, if you can use Brite, you can do the transactions in your native currency.

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